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Harry is a professional auctioneer and experienced fundraising consultant, with a passion and proven ability to help not for profits raise more through their auctions and pledge drives.


Born and raised in the UK, Harry began his fundraising career in London. He worked closely with many of Europe's largest not for profits, utilizing technology and an engaging methodology to help them raise more at gala benefits. Identifying New York as the fundraising capital of the world, he 'hopped the pond' full time in 2014, and has not looked back since.

Harry now supports many of the largest not for profits stateside, both as a pre-campaign consultant, and on stage during the events themselves. Harry has a methodical approach to fundraising; utilizing data from previous years, as well as analysis of event formats and guest demographic to help clients set and challenge their audience to achieve ambitious fundraising goals.


On average, with close to 70% of all audiences having not paid for their individual ticket to attend any given benefit, Harry prides himself on maximizing audience participation in the auction or pledge drive call to action. He has a unique ability to tastefully draw something out of everyone, uniting rooms to a common fundraising goal, coupled with integrity and a sharp wit. 

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Harry is fantastic on stage, and is always great to work with from beginning to end! The audience respond incredibly well to him, helping us to maximize our fundraising!


Everything about working with Harry was seamless and delightful. His performance artfully and authentically balanced our voice with his own disarming wit. Not only did many guests express how Harry amazed and dazzled them, but the numbers spoke loudly. In a season that was tough for many nonprofits, he helped us exceed our goals. The first thing we did in planning for next year was to book Harry! 


Harry was an absolute pleasure to work with in the weeks leading up to, and including, our event. He provided key recommendations to maximize our fundraising capabilities and commanded the stage in a charming and professional manor to encourage our guests to give. We were thrilled to surpass our fundraising target! 

                                                                             ALS Association

It was a pleasure to work with Harry throughout the planning process of our gala. From thoughtful insights on goal achievement to program structure, Harry’s perspective was valuable. He joined us for a rehearsal with our board members in advance of the gala, and then executed his role wonderfully during the event, engaging the event team on stage, as well as our guests in the audience.

                                                                             Teach For America, DC

Harry was a true delight to work with leading up to the event and the event itself was a huge success due to his incomparable ability to raise money.  Anyone who is a fundraiser will be impressed by his demeanor, professionalism, and charm.

                                                                             The Joyce Theater Foundation

Harry’s experience and expertise helped us re-imagine our program for the evening; he knew exactly the best time to start the pledge drive and his edits really paid off! Even during the event, many of our guests complimented us on finding such a dynamic auctioneer who helped us raise those important dollars! One guest even said he was so charming that he never felt like he was being pressured into giving money. We could not have done this without you, Harry!

                                                                             Right to Play

Thank you [Harry] so much for the tremendous success we had - it was a record breaking night of fundraising! We look forward to future collaborations - in the meantime I wanted to send a thank you for your wonderful efforts to help make the princess grace gala a success!

                                                                             The Princess Grace Foundation

Harry was an absolute pleasure to work with again this year. He brought such energy to our event, understood our goals, and engaged with everyone in the room with humor and charm. Harry clearly has a knack for fundraising and knows how to excite people about giving. He set the right tone with our guests and helped us create an entertaining and successful live auction and pledge moment. Thank you SO much Harry!

                                                                             Ubuntu Pathways

Working with Harry really enhanced our gala and we were thrilled with the overall experience!  Having Harry on-stage at our event really engaged our audience and helped us double our pledges in the room (compared to the previous year). He was a fantastic fit with our crowd!

                                                                             Friends of Hudson River Park

We had the pleasure of working with Harry at our Annual Benefit Dinner and Gala. The strategy meetings with had before our event really helped us to evaluate our past auctions, consider our target audience, and set goals for the evening. Harry most certainly helped move things along, and we not only achieved our fundraising goal for the evening, we reached a higher mark! Our event was a huge success and our guests most certainly enjoyed the interaction.

                                                                             Young People's Chorus

Working with Harry was an exceptional experience. He expertly works a crowd and his fundraising abilities are bolstered by his intimate knowledge of auctions and pledge drives. We exceeded our goal, and he utterly charmed the audience. Thank you, Harry! 


Harry's performance eased the crowd and readied them for a wonderful night ahead. In particular, the pledge drive benefited hugely from his experience and charm. I felt very comfortable that the event would be handled professionally - and it was. The evening was a great success!

                                                                             Tikva Children's Home

Harry was an absolute pleasure to work with in organizing our annual British Bash. His enthusiasm for developing creative fundraising strategies, analyzing previous fundraising outcomes, and establishing goals were extremely helpful to our team. The pledge drive was a not only a huge fundraising success, but Harry’s passionately executed his role during the event, while engaging our audience in an entertaining way. Thank you, Harry! 

                                                                             St George's Society of New York

Harry handled a large, difficult room – nearly 1,000 guests – with confidence and humor.  He helped us identify exactly what was needed to make our paddle-raise succeed, and brought it in 25% over goal. I can’t imagine doing this again without him!

                                                                             Her Justice

Harry was an exceptional speaker at City Year’s Gala at The New York Public Library this year!  His enthusiasm and humor leading our Night of Ask, was enjoyed by over 400 of our guests and staff.  It is no easy task asking for money, but Harry was professional and charming and motivated everyone in the room to give to our cause.  As a result, we more than surpassed our goal for the evening, we had our guests leaving the event smiling and wanting to learn more about City Year! 

                                                                             City Year, New York

Harry was a valuable asset throughout the entire process. He was personally invested in our success and that came through both in determining our fundraising strategy and in the execution of the pledge drive on the night of the event. He brought a fantastic energy to our Benefit program that the audience loved! They were completely engaged, leading us to surpass our goal!

                                                                             Gibney Dance

Harry thank you again for a job well done.  Congratulations!  You met all of the criteria and were outstanding and professional from beginning to end.  It was a very special night for all of us.  I hope we can work together again in the future.

                                                                             Anthony Quinn Foundation

Thanks to Harry, our organization raised $100,000 more than our previous year onsite at our gala! He took the time to understand our organization and our mission and engaged the audience - making it virtually impossible for them to say no to donating. The pledge drive portion of the evening was short, fun and incredibly effective helping us reach our overall gala fundraising goal. Working with Harry was easy and enjoyable and we would highly recommend him!


I highly recommend Harry for any fundraising event. Prior to hiring Harry, I did plenty of due diligence. Fortunately, our board approved and ended up loving Harry, as did the clients that I spoke with prior to hiring him. Harry brings a perfect blend of professionalism, wit, humor and competence to a very busy Manhattan crowd.

But most importantly, Harry delivers. He takes the time to get to know the organization months prior to the event in order to deliver the best possible results that are optimistic yet realistic. He will not disappoint you, your board or your audience. 

                                                                             New York Hall of Science

Working with Harry was an absolute pleasure.  Not only did he offer sound advice for our annual gala, but he was genuinely excited about our mission and took the time to understand our organization. He made excellent suggestions for how we could improve fundraising at the event and boost donor participation. Our pledge drive at the event was enormously successful, and we owe so much of that to Harry. His charismatic energy kept our audience engaged, and I had attendees coming up to me after the event commenting on how great the pledge drive was. I'm so glad we chose to work with Harry, as it really did make a difference in our fundraising the night of. 

                                                                             Education Through Music

Harry is a vibrant, dynamic and an incredibly skilled auctioneer – there is no doubt that his energetic approach gets the very best out of a room.  Confident and funny, our fundraising on the night was a huge success, and Harry played a key role in helping us hit our ambitious targets. Moreover, he worked closely with the whole team on the run up to the event, using his extensive experience to advise on fundraising and run of show, in order to maximise our income generation on the night. Thank you, Harry!

                                                                             MTV Staying Alive

We were thrilled with Harry's ability to raise significant funds during our annual Gala’s program (double over the previous year!).  Harry is able to read the crowd and ask for donations in a way that is energetic, heartfelt, witty, and professional without being pushy.   His expertise and suggestions changed the way we look at our evening program timeline, making the ask more meaningful to our donors.  We were so pleased with his engagement with the audience and his results, that we will be booking him for next year’s Gala!

                                                                             North Shore Animal League America

Our guests raved about him! He instinctively knew how to read our crowd and was instrumental in helping our school raise over 25% in overall revenue from our event over the prior year. I have been fundraising for NYC independent schools for the past 17 years and have worked on numerous Galas. This was the first year we worked with Harry, and he proved to be an incredibly astute, sharp, witty, and engaging auctioneer. Thank you, Harry.

                                                                             The Gateway School

Harry single-handedly transformed our annual gala. It was incredible how many people came over to me during the event to rave about Harry and how entertaining the auction was (which is something in my almost 15-year history of galas I have never heard.) Even long-term donors, who are normally shy and reluctant to participate publicly, were waving their hands in the air bidding more than they ever had in the past because they were swept away with the fun of giving. It was amazing to watch.  We are definitely using Harry again next year and will actually select a date for our gala to make sure he can participate.

                                                                             Physicians for Human Rights

Harry was the magic ingredient our event needed to get to the next level. Because of his time and talent, he doubled our mission drive and live auction. He made that part of the program fun and exciting. This had everyone raising their bidder number so they weren’t left out of the fun. Harry was so engaging after the event people came up to just to ask if he will be back next year! He will, of course, be coming back every year after the outstanding results we had raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He is a true professional who puts in the time before your event to learn as much as possible to truly optimize the time he has on the stage. We are looking forward to a long relationships with Harry. We know our event fundraising goals will only increase with Harry’s insight and participation.   

                                                                             Muscular Dystrophy Association


Harry was a Godsend for our gala. We made a late-game call to change the paddle-raise portion of our evening and Harry was able to come in and put together a fantastic paddle raise in just a few weeks. He raised twice as much as last year’s event and it was the most successful paddle raise in our Gala history. He gave us effective advice in an efficient manner and was able to nimbly work within our institution's specific parameters. Harry was very responsive throughout the process which was key given our short timeline. Gala leadership, Board members, and staff all thought Harry's night-of performance was excellent and unanimously decided we had to have him back next year. A true professional, charismatic, responsive, and EFFECTIVE!

                                                                             Signature Theatre

Harry was in one word - electric! He captivated and engaged our GLOW Gala guests with charisma, humour, and infectious energy. We received feedback from so many guests commending Harry’s style of auctioneering and the freshness he brought to this year’s gala.


In the weeks leading up to GLOW, Harry drew from his extensive experience to share strategies to maximize fundraising potential. As a result, this year we raised an incredible $1.1 million dollars to help expand BC Women’s Hospital’s Provincial Milk Bank – a sum that exceeded our expectations. We are grateful to have worked with Harry and look forward to collaborating with him again next time!

                                                                             BC Women's Health Foundation

Harry was a STAR at our Annual Benefit. He was charming, energetic and engaging. Our guests loved him, and showed their support for the organization and Harry with their incredible generosity.

Thank you Harry for making our record breaking event possible!

                                                                             Boys & Girls Club, Martin County

Boys & Girls Club Martin County.png

Harry's poise, style, enthusiasm, and quick wit helped the Philharmonic far surpass its gala fundraising goals and expectations over three consecutive annual events. He skillfully and tastefully entertained our donors, encouraging 100% attendee participation. 


Harry was also an integral partner in planning the 2020 hybrid gala, where attendees were both in-person at the concert hall, as well as streaming live from the safety of their home. He helped ensure our messaging was strategic, timely, building momentum and keeping the excitement at a high level. Harry was able to efficiently, seamlessly, and simultaneously connect with a virtual and in-person audience – a real challenge when you don’t have the typical feedback from a live audience – crucial to achieving our event revenue goal!


Harry is a real treasure and clearly has a passion for supporting organizations that are so vital in our community. We look forward to partnering with him again for our spring gala. 

                                                                             Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra


Despite all of the unknowns this year brought, having Harry on board gave us confidence that we would be able to fundraise successfully in a  virtual environment. Harry assisted us in the planning and execution of the event, especially the fundraising  moments, which were engaging and impactful. His segments gave our virtual gala a live element that contributed to what many of our guests told us was the best virtual event they attended this year! 

                                                                             Pro Bono Partnership


Harry – we cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job you did with UNICEF Changemaker, it was such a huge success! We greatly appreciated your flexibility and knowledge as our team navigated the virtual event space for the first time. We could not have done it without you! Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious and go a long way in raising these crucial funds for UNICEF’s work.

                                                                             UNICEF USA

Harry is amazing, his personality is infectious and somehow was able to keep his performance light and engaging despite it only being him and a camera [in the virtual space]. Harry is creative, energetic, flexible in planning, and always up for anything. He engages the crowd and makes everyone feel like they can make a difference raising money.

                                                                             US Ski & Snowboard

Even virtually, Harry captures the audience and makes them WANT to give! Those who were skeptical about our virtual event loved watching because Harry made it fun and exciting!


Harry made also made a huge impact with the guidance and advice he gave before the event which lead to success. He met with, and encouraged our Board and event committee to set goals and gave tips on how to increase attendance. He walked our team through action items and pushed us to do the effective preparation to make our event beyond successful.

                                                                             Justice & Mercy Legal Aid Center


Harry was instrumental in guiding us through our first virtual event, our milestone Gala this past November.  We knew from our past experiences with him at our in-person events that he would be so helpful.  He is a pro that studies the current landscape and adjusts to maintain his high standards of fundraising and to always be incredibly engaging with his audience.  Yes, even virtually.  With his help we had an outstanding virtual gala!  

                                                                             Gilda's Club NYC

Harry was incredible to work with. He pretty much ‘held our hand’ through this new and unchartered world of virtual fundraisers. He had more experience than anyone else we could find in this area, and was so knowledgable; not in the sense of pridefully knowing it all, but rather in the sense of humbly being willing to share all he’s learned this year. He really kept us on track in the time leading up to the event, and was warm and personable. Harry was very responsive to our hopes and goals for the event, and who we were as an organization. We never felt like we were being pushed into a cookie cutter mold, but rather, that we were crafting an event that fit the children we raise money for perfectly. We landed up completely smashing our reach goal, and couldn’t be more thankful for all the help Harry and his team gave us! I’d recommend Harry wholeheartedly, and would absolutely use him again in the future. 





Harry Santa-Olalla

Tel: 347-574-3254


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